Organizational Development

The bedrock of being an employer of choice is the articulation of strong and relevant HR processes that support the Organization Structure. Robust HR systems lay the foundation for a committed and productive workforce that enables the organization to attract, develop & retain talent.

We, at VD Business Solutions can help you design and develop HR Systems that would be relevant to the immediate needs of your organization.
HR Policies Development & Documentation
Sound employment policies provide the framework within which an organization governs its employee relations. We will help develop employee policies based on the business context of the organization, the values, and beliefs.
Performance Management System (PMS)
The PMS system would be designed to enable the organization to harness the individual's potential and align it with organizational goals, to create an open system of evaluating performance and giving feedback. The PMS would be oriented towards, recognition, achievement, rewards, and corrective mechanisms for improving individuals’ performance.
Training & Development System
The training and development system would be designed to enable the organization to identify the training & learning needs of individuals' and the skill gaps that need to be bridged thereby enhancing the individuals potential and the organization performance levels.
Salary Benchmarking and Restructuring
We can help our clients boost their bottom-lines by undertaking salary benchmarking studies and suggest adequate interventions that will help bring parity in salary structures.
Statutory Compliances
Organizations today cannot afford to relax as far as statutory compliances concerned. It is always safer to get professional help to manage your labour compliances. We can provide professional expertise that will manage your labour compliances. We can assist your organization in the following ways
  • Liaise with the Central / State Govt. labour law enforcement agencies for obtaining registration / renewal under the relevant Acts as & when required.
  • Advice the organization in preparation & filing of registers, records, reports, returns etc. from time to time, and revert on any issues within a weeks' time for any communication with any of the statutory authorities.
  • Liaise with regional & local labour law enforcement agencies for filling up of various forms, returns, challans for remittance, processing & obtaining the individuals registrations numbers, identity certificates, insurance cards, annual account statements, process loan / transfer / withdrawal applications etc.
  • Update, guide & advice your company regarding latest notification / orders/ amendments issued by the appropriate authorities from time to time. All reports, registers, challans etc. shall be forwarded to you in soft copy only through mails from our side.
  • Conduct biannually audit of all the locations through the team of experts empanelled with us & published the same to you at regular intervals, & also attend the Inspector / Officer at the time of assessment or approach them as & when required.
  • We can even provide routine compliance of locations outside Mumbai region.
Disciplinary Enquiry
Disciplinary enquiries in an organization are usually outcome of misconduct or mis-behavior. These cases are sensitive in nature and of not managed well have the potential in turning into labour disputes inviting litigation. Our team of experts can be deputed to be part of the domestic enquiry and conduct investigations and draft our requisite documentations like charge sheet, show cause notice and termination letters.
Exit Management
VD Business Solutions can also help you in your exit management process. Be it negotiating with your employees, retention management, exit interviews we can handle it all.
HR Audits
Over a period of time, business changes in an organization may have taken place for a variety of reasons including environmental changes, organizational restructuring. Such changes should be accompanied by appropriate changes in the HR function. In such a situation a thorough evaluation of the HR function is imperative to make it more business driven. An HR Audit would help the organization to
  • Keep the HR functions' mission and goals in tune with the organizations needs and strategy
  • Make the HR systems & process more robust and business driven
  • Help determine the effectiveness of an HR department
  • Act as a quality control check on the HR activities in an organization.
  • Identify and prioritize opportunities for improvement
We can conduct an evaluation of the current human resource structure, practices, policies, systems, and skills in the context of short and long-term business plans of your organization. The review can be of two types:
  • Compliance Audit: It involves a legal review and a compliance check for all the HR systems in place in the organization.
  • Adequacy Audit: This determines the adequacy of the current HR practices in terms of their relevance to the business goal of the organization.
In case if you wish to have any more clarification about our services, we shall be happy to make ourselves available to you for personal discussions on any pre fixed date & time.
We promise to serve you the best ALWAYS IN ALL WAYS.
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